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Overview of Wakkanai

“Driving through for as far as the Eyes can See”

Wakkanai in Hokkaido is the City at the north-end of Japan. One of the islands which Russia effectively controls is only about 43km away from Cape Soya. A ferry between Wakkanai and Korsakov was co-operated by Russia and Japan but it's been suspended since last year.

The Ororon-line is a popular road running along the coast line of the Sea of Japan from Wakkanai. The road continues straight for such a long distance that you will feel like driving beyond the horizon.

Trip to Rishiri and Rebun islands, via a few hours ferry travel from Wakkanai, are getting popular to enjoy trekking, hiking and camping surrounded by well-preserved nature.

You can read more about Wakkanai, its local attractions and must-see places as well as some navigational guides in Japan National Tourism Organization's Web Site.

Climate in Wakkanai

Annual temperature is roughly between -4°C (24°F) and 20°C (68°F). September expects the highest precipitation (about 170mm) while January is the snowiest month (about 140cm). July to September are the warmest months (about 17°C or 63°F), and January, February and December are the coldest months (about -4°C or 24°F). Great care must be taken against blizzards during winter.

You can get more climate information with the following charts created by processing the weather observation data for the past 10 years. Please note that this is not a weather forecast. For more information about the data please read this page.

You can use the clock icon in each chart to select the week or day to display the data for.

Weather Summary

Of the 2nd week of Aug, 10-year average

Hourly Temperature

Of the 2nd week of Aug, 10-year average

Hourly Wind Speed

Of the 2nd week of Aug, 10-year average

Hourly Sunshine Duration

Of the 2nd week of Aug, 10-year average

Top 10 Fine Weather Days of Aug

10-year average.

Monthly Weather

10-year average

Monthly Precipitation and Temperature

10-year average

Monthly Wind Speed

10-year average

Recommended Clothing

The following clothes are recommended for visiting Wakkanai in the 2nd week of Aug.