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Climate in Japan

Japan is a country with gradational four seasons. Historic architecture, traditional cities and landmarks show the different faces of the country combined with the sceneries of nature such as mountains, rice fields, cherry trees, and so on. This site presents weather and climate information in Japan, and we hope it is useful for everyone who wishes to visit the country in the future.

The map on the left shows the dominant weather at different places around the country to show an overview of how weather changes in Japan. You can change the month to show the dominant weather by using the slider under the map. This map was created by statistically processing weather observation data for the past 10 years.

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Four Seasons in Japan


Spring in Japan is from March to May and it is a beautiful season. The temperature is usually mild but the weather changes rather frequently every 3 to 4 days because of the low pressures coming from the west of Japan. Cherry trees bloom around the last week of March and the first week of April, although it varies every year. The blooming starts from the south of Japan and then gradually goes up to the north, so you can catch up to it if you have some flexibility either with the time or places in your travel plan. In May, the trees and plants turn green with the fresh air and mild sunshine, and it is one of the most comfortable months to travel.


Summer in Japan is roughly from June to August and it can become very hot and humid. The temperature can rise up to 40 degrees Celsius. Rainy days continue from mid-June to mid-July, followed by sunny days in August. Fireworks festivals are held at various places during the summer which you can visit while wearing Yukata, Japanese traditional clothes suitable for the summer. Because of the humidity, you may feel much hotter than the temperature shows, so it is recommended to drink water very frequently if you plan to travel during this season.


Autumn in Japan is from September to November and it is another beautiful season. The weather patten is similar to spring. The temperature is mild but it can rain sometimes. Autumn leaves start from the north of Japan and gradually come down to the south, as opposed to the cherry blossoms in spring. People enjoy autumn leaves by travelling to some ancient cities like Kyoto, as the combination of autumn leaves with shrines, temples and parks are breathtakingly beautiful. One major difference from spring is the occurrence of typhoons. If you plan to travel during this season, you are advised to take special attention to the weather news and warnings and have some flexibility to change your travel plan depending on the weather condition.


Winter in Japan is from December to January and it becomes cold, except in the Okinawa islands. As such, warm clothes are a must to bring if you plan to travel during this season. People enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the northern area, such as Hokkaido, which is very popular for its powder-like snow. Weather in the Pacific Ocean side of the country is usually quite stable and sunny and dry days continue during this season. In contrast, it snows a lot in the Sea of Japan side. There are many hot springs (called Onsen in Japanese) around the country to enjoy in and keep yourself warm during the cold winter. Some Onsen are situated outdoors so you can enjoy a nice view while immersed in a relaxing warm bath.

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